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Divergent Marketing Solutions (DMS) specializes in search engine optimization, new  website construction and the re-engineering of pre-existing websites for optimized UX & UI.  At DMS we believe in providing services that educate domain owners in such a way that they have a properly functioning Web site.

A website that is built to provide the domain owner with scalability for future growth, and access to their data, is a better site.  DMS builds Websites that allow domain owners to easily access their own data, avoiding costly change fees for minor changes to site data.  Our focus is on creating marketing plans, and websites utilizing the most up to date, meaningful ways to attract and retain customers. 


A Website with good
design will always rank
well.  It is one of the first
and best investments you
can make when taking a
business online. 


Search Engine Optimization        
is one of the most cost
effective, organic ways to elevate
your company Website and
stay ahead of competition.


Search Engine Marketing
provides immediate lift
in search engine results.
Paid advertising picks up
where organic methods leave
off and Social Media augments
a companies traditional PR

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