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AAF-Orlando Ad Day SEM/SEO Report


UX and UI have gotten a lot of attention in the last year or two and now, thanks to Andy Frawley, President of Epsilon,  ROI moved first to ROX and now to Andy's concept of ROE².   What does this all mean?  ROI has traditionally focused on the performance and financial returns of actions, primarily based on results of a single tracked campaign during a specific period of time.  While this has merits, it does not capture the whole picture in today’s social media marketplace.   ROE², however, does a much better job at this by measuring both the user’s experience and engagement in your brand/product. Whether you are a B2B, B2C or B2B2C company, ROE² is the new success measurement formula your marketing team should be looking at.


DMSWatch participated in and is now is in the running for the Sanford Chamber of Commerce promotional "selfie" social media contest #DTSS! 


Martha Jennings joins the 2014-2015 American Advertising Federation, Orlando, FL chapter Board Committee.  The AAF kicked off the new year with a highly successful charitable art auction on July 31st, raising funds and awareness in the community.


Martha Jennings of Divergent Marketing Solutions #DMS joins forces with the established Real Estate Brokerage, H&R Properties in an exciting new Marketing/Real Estate venture capitalizing on the new face of the online real estate industry. 


In the world of business, getting your name out and maintaining brand integrity is all-important to continued success and growth.  Traditionally the three sisters that govern these tasks are: Marketing, Advertising and PR.   The advent of Social Media in the online world is creating a new importance in the PR world that is now overshadowing Marketing and Advertising.   Is your business knowledgeable in this new world?  Understanding Social Media, where and what forms your company needs to be involved in, and managing consumer feedback, backlash and trends is absolutely necessary for any brand's success in today's global, online world.  Does your PR department understand Social Media, or are they still resistant to it's impact and scoffing it off as unnecessary?  

Orlando Welcomes GCSAA
The golf course maintenance community faces special challenges when it comes to maintaining various levels of their websites.  Large courses will have dedicated Marketing Departments, but at smaller courses the G.M. and the golf course Superintendent may find themselves with the task.  The former keeping the public portion of the site maintained and the latter providing updates and intranet style communications to the members and owners.  Establishing a simple website that allows for both parties to access and update the site quickly is key to limiting frustration and encouraging input and growth to the website.  For more Golf website information, contact us or look for me on the show floor this week.

Six Questions You Should Be Asking To Attract Customers
1. Does your website look professional (up to date)? 
2. What is your website about and what's in it for the visitor?
3. Is your website trustworthy?
4. Is your website experience risk-free for the customer?
5. Is your website experience as easy as possible?
6. Is your website designed for both customers and search engines?

Are You or Your Business Being Cyber Stalked?
How to Combat Cyber Stalkers - The Laws Are Catching Up!
Cyber crimes are a growing on-line problem, mainly because laws are still playing catch-up.   This is why it is especially important to report all crimes immediately, file reports locally in any state that the attacks are coming from, and contact the Federal Government if state lines are crossed.

Cyber attacks and stalking are most disturbing when they are pointed towards both private lives and business.   DMS fell victim of an unconscionable attack.  It is common that attackers do not know their victims.  This is true in my case -- the stalker has never met me, nor done business with me, nor anyone I know.   Yet the stalker was able to sift through online history, contact and threaten me and those connected to me and try in vane to cast malicious aspersions. Anyone who owns a business in today's economy and actually works for a living -- or for that matter is sane -- knows that this is unacceptable.   

When reading material online, it is always wise, especially if you are looking to do business with someone, to call the organizations listed on the valid business site and verify facts.  Do not trust opinion sites that are not signed.   In this day and age, the Web is still a double-edged sword and it’s each person’s responsibility to insure the information they take in is valid and not be misled by the rantings of the sick and misguided people. 

If your business is being Cyber stalked be sure to keep accurate records of any and all financial impacts caused by the stalking, and keep both printed and electronic copies of all direct transmissions, websites, blogs, etc.  Remember, stalker’s are most often mentally unstable and should be reported to the authorities immediately.

For more information on this topic, go to:

Report Cyber stalking at:

Nielsen releases latest Search Engine market share results.
According to Nielsen, Google remained the top search site in the month of July  Three of every five searches or a whopping 64.2% of all searches were conducted on Google.  While this they are still the bane of all other search engines, Google expected greater results.  In fact, over the last year and a half, Google has plateaued falling short of their expected 80-90% market share expectations.
Yahoo! and MSN/Windows Live/Bing followed with 14.3% and 13.6% share of U.S. searches respectively. Both engines were slightly up from June.

Has Your Company Combined Online and Off-line Marketing Efforts?
Surprisingly many small to medium size companies have not.  While it’s easy to overlook this area - especially in companies that are running “lean & mean”; it’s vital to the future health of any organization to grow and make changes necessitated by the changing business environment.  

Below are some steps to help your organization combine departmental efforts for maximum success.  As obvious as many of these steps seem, they are not always known or followed.  Sometimes a reminder is helpful.

These are available by contacting DMS.

By following these simple steps your business will have a better understanding of what the customer wants, where marketing & branding efforts are paying off and be in a good position to increase sales.

Who Should Consider An AdWords Campaign?
Many companies are unaware that organic optimization can take a month or more to start to show Search Engine Result Page (SERP) effects.  The reason for this is that organic SEO is not discovered until the search engines spider a site for indexing.  Organic optimization is a basic building block for a Web site providing clear direction for search engines.  Often times - as in the case of a time sensitive campaign - a company cannot wait this long for results.  When a company is looking for very quick increases in targeted traffic an AdWords campaign should be implemented in addition to proper SEO.  Purchasing Keywords or Terms is a quick way to augment the long term effects of organic optimization. 

Determine Your Key Phrases.

Keyword Phrases or KeyPhrases are often the forgotten aspect in the process of keyword development.  While individual keywords are a good starting place, it is the combination of keywords into KeyPhrases that will help set your business apart in the results pages.

if your company sells power supplies, think about what types of power supplies they are.  What categories do they fall into?  Are you selling "laser" power supplies, "camping" power supplies?   You will start to see an increase in your rankings by developing more targeted KeyPhrases that accurately represent the products and services you are selling on a specific page.

Is your Web site part of a Link Farm?
What is a Link Farm? In it's simplest definition a Link Farm is most often an automated program involving a group of Web sites that all hyperlink to every other site within the group.  This is a form of spamming frequently called "spamdexing" using a link exchange system developed by black hat SEO firms in the late 1990's.   Search Engines such as Google have since adjusted their ranking algorithms to determine the quality of inbound links and further removed entire domains that were involved in Link Farming. 

Imagine if your Web site disappeared from the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's) one day - this has happened to many good companies who were not aware that their Web site was being submitted to a Link Farm.  And once your site is removed from the search engines indexing, it is a time consuming process to get back into the game and re-establish your SERPs.  It's always a good idea to check and see if you are unknowingly involved in a Link Farm.

Determine who your customers are.

All too often companies believe they know their customers when, in fact, they may not.  If you are considering SEO for your Web site, keep in mind that your results will only be as good as the research you put into your campaign upfront.  Knowing your customers needs and wants will help put your business on a prosperous path.



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"Our meeting together was very helpful" – Lindsay Groark, Wellness & Marketing Coordinator, Cancer Center of Santa Barbara